Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sting Operation nabs another jihadist

How many of these cockroaches are there?  It looks like there already is a never-ending supply of these slimeballs in North America.  They seem to be crawling out from every nook and corner and creeping us out. Instead of banning plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags, salt, sugar, chocolate milk and a variety of foods and inanimate things to save us from ourselves, will our lords and masters in the government get it into their thick skulls, that it's about time they saved us from jihadists by banning muslim immigration altogether?   Is that too difficult to do or is your bravado limited to only taking on plastic bags and sugar cubes? 

For more than six months, 34-year-old Farooque Ahmed went quietly about his business: casing Washington-area subway stations, sketching diagrams and shooting video, sizing up how best to kill the most people, police say.

Rolling suitcases filled with explosives would be better than backpacks, he allegedly told others, and rush hour would be the best time to strike.

The Pakistani-born Virginian thought he was working for al-Qaida operatives, according to the FBI. In fact, the plot was a ruse: The information went to people working on behalf of the U.S. government, according to a federal law enforcement official.  Ahmed, a naturalized citizen, was arrested Wednesday, the latest alleged example of homegrown terrorism.

"You never know who lives around you," said Margaret Petney, who lives on the same block as Ahmed in Ashburn, Va., outside Washington.......

UPDATE:   To inform you that these jihadis are well educated murderers.

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  1. It will take another 9/11 for governments to wakup and finally ban Muslims from entering our countries. Sad, but more people have to die before any action will be taken.


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