Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is America going the way of Britianistan? Looks that way ....... Part 2

More than what's going on in England, the stuff happening down south gives me the shivers. If America goes, we go too and so does the entire free world.  In addition to that,  now our major concern here at home is the widespread infiltration that has been exposed recently at the Canadian Department of National Defence and at the ( DFAIT) Department of Foreign Affairs & Intl Trade. and also the exposure of many programs and appeasement sessions going on at various RCMP locations.  All this happening right under our noses, first under  the  endless rule of the Liberals (and they are largely to blame for this mess) and now under the minority Conservative govt. Blogger Blazing Cat Fur has  the stunning exposure on all these three depts and it should be compulsory reading for every patriot to understand the full weight and measure of how far into the govt. and how far up the infiltration has penetrated and progressed.

1) Muslim Brotherhood more dangerous than Al Qaeda for the country but they still appease them continuously. Watch the vid  from CBN's Stakelbeck and terror experts.

2) The project(s) for paving the road for an easy inflow of sharia into the USA was started more than two decades ago. This amazing account goes to show that the white man has no chance when it comes to a taqiyya speaking moslem even if that moslem is severely retarded.

3) How are these muslim heritage months creeping up all over and all of a sudden, or are we beginning to notice them because bloggers have taken notice while the MSM  snores away.

4) The Boston Globe reports on a Cambridge school that intends to have a muslim holiday starting from next term. The article opens with a few paragraphs that will make you say "awwwwwwwww" . That's their way, it's called stealth jihad and taqiyyah and it has a large sprinking of stuff that makes your heart go softy soft, as is  the intention

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