Friday, October 22, 2010

News from here and there

1) What can one say about mothers and daughters? They usually think alike. This will be another mess that Rob Ford might be instrumental in cleaning up once he takes on the  mandate of the city's mayor. The corruption with  the public service employees has seeped too deep and too wide.

2) Charles Krauthammer on Obama underappreciation syndrome

3) An employee of the NJ Turnpike Authority, on a base salary of $ 73K actually earned $322K when all bonuses, etc were included in the pay packet. The audit of this outfit has exposed how those in power can overspend taxpayers' money like it's a neverending source put there for the sole purpose of enriching those in public service without a qualm of guilt.

I wonder what sort of goodies an audit of our City Council of Toronto will dredge up. Would be fun to know.

4) You won't believe who was invited at the Pentagon under George Bush's admin:.... you know, we can't blame everything on Obama. The ex-Prez too played a big part in empowering moslems, especially moslems from Saudi Arabia. Don't forget his hugs, holding hands and making kissy-kissy with the tyrants from Saudi.

If there’s one word I’m sick of these days, it’s “outreach.” It’s always used in sentences and leaflets that imply the general public isn’t doing enough to “reach out” to specific groups – whether they be differentiated by sexual orientation, race, height, back hair, or -in my case – gorgeousness.
But what I really hate most about “outreach?” It allows folks access to places that a schmuck like me can never get into.

5) If you are planning a trip to Italy, don't pack your mini-skirts, take some burkhas instead.

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