Thursday, July 25, 2013

Canada's imported Muslims create havoc here and overseas

All bleeding heart Canadians responsible for not putting a stop to Muslim immigration should be held as accessories to the crimes of those they have helped import to Canada.  Canadians who scream that putting a stop to Muslim immigration is unfair should be made to sign an undertaking that when Muslims imported to Canada kill, maim, damage property, go on rampages, dishonor kill, etc .....  whether here on Canadian soil or abroad on Canadian passports,  these same bleeding hearts crying for fairness, will pay to redress the damage.  Let's see if  their mouths can undo the strings on  their purses !  Shortsighted lefties will be the death of us all.

From Globe&Mail:
...Canadian named as suspect in Bulgaria terrorist bombing.  Bulgaria has released the names and images of two suspects, including a Canadian, who are alleged to be involved in the bombing a year ago of a bus filled with Israeli tourists in the Black Sea resort of Burgas.

In a statement made public Thursday, Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry said the two suspects are a 25-year-old Canadian named Hassan El Hajj Hassan and 32-year-old Australian Meliad Farah, also known as Hussein Hussein.

Mr. Hassan, who was born on March 22, 1988, had previously been described by Canada as a dual national hiding in Lebanon.

The latest statement from Bulgarian authorities alleges that Mr. Hassand and Mr. Farah were seen in the three weeks before the July 18, 2013, attack, in areas near Burgas.

The two rented cars and registered into hotels using the fake names Brian Jeremiah Jameson, Jacque Felipe Martin and Ralph William Rico, the Interior Ministery said. Mr. Farah, for example, rented a Renault Clio in the village of Ravda.

Last February, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird had described the Canadian suspect as a fugitive in Lebanon who hadn’t lived in Canada for years.......

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