Friday, July 26, 2013

Tunisia's Islamist overlords have had their day

The present wahhabi govt propped up by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, before the two had a falling off,  is not the right kind of government for the mostly secular society of Tunisia.  Many Tunisians have a rich history with ancient Carthage and Phoenicians, (which means they have a connection to ancient Lebanon and ancient Palestine as well)  but unfortunately for their ancestors,  first the Romans and then the Muslims destroyed  what used to be a thriving advanced civilization found in the coastal area of the present day Tunisia.  The Tunisian DNA will not be able to tolerate the backwardness of wahhabism and salafism being forced down their  throats.  The citizens are fighting fit to get rid of the islamist govt and from what's happening as we speak, it will be soon.  Hats off to the secularists.

If you want to learn more about the ancient city of  Carthage  and the influence of Carthaginians and the Phoenicians in North Africa and the Mediterranean long before Rome became the powerhouse, start with the video below.

From BBCNews:
Protesters have gathered  in Tunis and other cities across the country calling for the government to resign.
Tunisia's largest trade union has called for a general strike on Friday and Tunisair has cancelled all flights to and from Tunisia for that day....

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