Thursday, July 25, 2013

Killing by ID

That's how the terrorist Al Qaeda and affiliates are killing the Shiites in Iraq.  They don't care whether those they are murdering  are peaceful and innocent and just want to get on with their lives .... as long as their ID shows them to be Shiites ... it's over for them.

Sunni militants have summarily executed   at least 14 Shi'ites after setting up a roadblock north of Baghdad, stopping trucks and checking the IDs of drivers....

....Two local officials said some 150 militants carried out a co-ordinated operation during the night that included the highway killings, in the area of Sulaiman Bek, a town north of Baghdad.

The militants began by attacking the town itself with mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons late on Wednesday....

...."These criminals belong to what is called the Islamic State of Iraq, and they targeted Shi'ite drivers and left the Sunnis," local official Shalal Abdul Baban told AFP, referring to an al-Qaeda front group.

"It was killing by ID," he said.

Iraqi identification cards list a person's name and place of birth, from which religious affiliation can be surmised.....

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