Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh lookee, lookee! NATO's Utopia of Libya bringing back Gaddafi-era security agency

Of course, we can take it for granted that it's all being done with the best blessings of  all the NATO partners involved in the sodomizing and killing of Libya's "dictator" Gaddafi.   Don't you know that that vile dictator was a vile person because his army of men who made up that fearful  security  system were torturers and killers of the poor suffering Libyans under his rule and that's the reason why our great leaders bombed that country into smithereens and did away with a vile dictator?   What a wonderful world eh?!!  Replace one dictator not liked  by NATO with a new dictator chosen by NATO. 

Libya’s premier said yesterday he would restore a feared Gaddafi-era security agency and reshuffle the cabinet to help resolve a political crisis and end a wave of violence.
Ali Zeidan said he would reactivate the Internal Security Agency which helped keep the former dictator in power for decades to try to stem a spate of bombings and assassinations, particularly in the east of the country.
“I understand the population’s opposition to this agency that was used by the former regime to repress the people,” he said.
“But without an efficient intelligence body, we cannot stop the attacks,” he said the day after two explosions outside the courthouse in second city Benghazi wounded 43 people, according to the latest health ministry toll.
Zeidan told a news conference in Tripoli that a new defence minister had been chosen and that by Wednesday a new list of ministers would be presented to the country’s highest political authority, the General National Congress.........

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