Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today is April Fool's Day in Canada ....

and the fools are the recruiters of interns in the Human Resources dept of the Conservative govt. of Canada. This is not the first time that a fiasco has come to light.  One was the Mother's Day message  from the PM's office ... something very odd and dangerously stupid is going on in the PM's office and before things get too much out of control, he has to put a stop to it and put a stop as fast as possible.

Andrew Coyne at VancouverSun via PostMediaNews:
...Enemies of the state: The (almost) Complete List  Like many of you, I was shocked to hear that a member of the Prime Minister’s Office had sent an email asking staff in other ministers’ offices to compile lists of “enemy stakeholders.”

This did not sound like the discreet, professional Prime Minister’s Office with which I think we are all familiar. Just the risk of such an email coming to light made it impossible to believe any member of the current PMO was involved. On top of which: enemies lists? Not on this prime minister’s watch. I distinctly remember the prime minister on election night promising “to govern for all Canadians.” Say what you will about Stephen Harper, but he’s a man of his word.

I was going to consign the whole business to the “silly season” file, when a thick brown envelope dropped through the mail slot in my door. Inside, stamped “EYES ONLY,” was a document, many pages long, bearing the title, “Our Enemies: The Complete List (Revised).” At the top of the first page was the prime minister’s coat of arms. Whoa, I thought. So it’s true.

I hesitate to share this information with the public. As shocking as the existence of the list itself, obviously intended as a sort of aide mémoire, are the names it contains. I include only a selection, with explanatory notes as appropriate..........

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