Monday, July 29, 2013

Day of Reckoning for Pedophiles and Sex Traffickers of children

FBI raids Child Sex Trafficking dens in more than 70 cities.  I wonder how many American muzzies are involved in the trafficking of kids in the USA.  Their brothers in the UK made up almost the entire percentage of pedophiles and traffickers of  young white girls.

The FBI video of the raids at the link below might as well have not been released.  It shows nothing relevant and says even less.  However, the vid at bottom, also from the  FBI  just released by them via twitter a few minutes ago is watch watching.

From RTNews:
The FBI says they’ve recovered 105 missing  and exploited children over the weekend by orchestrating a massive crackdown on crime rings that trafficked minors for sex.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation made the announcement Monday morning, and reportedly has arrested 150 pimps involved in selling minors through an underground sex trade that exploited missing children ages 13 through 17 around the country............

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