Saturday, July 27, 2013

The two Allahu Akbars ... one of the mad Shiites and the other of the madder Sunnis

Persecution and killing of Shiites is not enough in Bahrain (our NATO ally, don't forget) they even destroy the Shiites' mosques. Go figure!  You didn't know there were two kinds of  Allahu Akbars did you?  One Allahu Akbar resides in the Shiites' mosque and that Allahu Akbar is looked upon as an evil one by the Sunnis and so the Sunnis try to kill that monster and destroy his residence,  AND then there's another Allahu Akbar who resides in the Sunni mosques, and that guy is looked upon as  evil by the Shiites and so the Shiites want to bomb that abomination and his abode into nothingness.  
Logical conclusion:  Both Allahu Akbars are evil and both the Muslim sects know it.  
YAY for us infidels!  
Let the madness continue with our fervent blessings !!! 
More, more, encore, encore !!  

....Bahrain Al Khalifa Regime Destroys Another Shiite Mosque.  Bahraini security forces have destroyed Sheikh Fadhel al-Asfari Mosque in Bilad al-Qadeem suburb of the capital Manama.

Saudi-backed security forces in Bahrain demolished the mosque in a wave of attacks on mosques and holy places in and around Manama.

They also targeted Imam Baqer Mosque in Barbura, Imam Sadeq Mosque in Salmabad, Sheikh Hamad Mosque in Maqsha and Imam Mojtaba Mosque in Sanabis and shot teargas towards worshippers.

Anti-regime Bahraini protestors staged over 190 protests across the country in past five days and some 25 civilians, including three kids, have been arrested.

The regime forces attacked 98 houses in the late hours of recent nights, al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said in a statement....

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