Sunday, July 14, 2013

Training wannabe soldiers how to die in hot, humid conditions

To be able to fight in hot, humid conditions like the type found in Africa and the Middle East,  the Judeo-Christian nations are training their young men and women how to die in such conditions while brainwashing them and their parents into thinking that they do so for our freedom and it is a noble deed to die in vain. Suicide for suicide's sake is bad but to die as a soldier in suicidal conditions in places far, far away that have no chance in hell of ever attacking your country, is good !!

From DailyMailUK:
....Two servicemen die 'from heat exhaustion' during MOD training exercise in Brecon Beacons. A third man is in hospital in a serious condition after the training exercise on Saturday - the hottest day of the year.....

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