Thursday, July 25, 2013

Truth Teller alert!

However, the truth is supposed to be sent only to historians.  Why not expose the warmongers and the greedy billionaires whose favorite hobby is manufacturing wars, to the general public?   M16 Head intends to keep his vow of secrecy but at the risk of  thousands more dying in present and future wars at the whims of traitorous leaders?  Come on ... do the right thing.  Your vow is not worth the lives of  innocents dying in tens of thousands because politicians tell boldface lies...or maybe  you are also complicit in the lies.

Melanie Hall writing at TelegraphUK:
....Former head of MI6 threatens  to expose secrets of Iraq 'dodgy dossier'
A former head of MI6 has threatened to expose the secrets of the ‘dodgy dossier’ if he disagrees with the long-awaited findings of the Chilcot Inquiry into the UK’s role in the Iraq War.

Sir Richard Dearlove, 68, has spent the last year writing a detailed account of events leading up to the war, and had intended to only make his work available to historians after his death.

But now Sir Richard, who provided intelligence about Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) that was apparently 'sexed up' by Tony Blair's government, has revealed that he could go public after the Chilcot Inquiry publishes its findings.

Sir Richard is expected to be criticised by the inquiry's chairman, Sir John Chilcot, over the accuracy of intelligence provided by MI6 agents inside Iraq, which was used in the so-called 'dodgy dossier'.

Now the ex-MI6 boss, who is Master at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, has said: “What I have written (am writing) is a record of events surrounding the invasion of Iraq from my then professional perspective.

“My intention is that this should be a resource available to scholars, but after my decease (may be sooner depending on what Chilcot publishes).

“I have no intention, however, of violating my vows of official secrecy by publishing any memoir.”
Sources close to Sir Richard said that he insists Chilcot should recognise the role played by Tony Blair and the Prime Minister's chief spokesman Alastair Campbell in informing media reports which suggested Saddam could use chemical weapons to target British troops based in Cyprus, a claim which led to Britain entering the war in Iraq......

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