Thursday, July 18, 2013

What the delusional UK thinks and what the "home grown Al Qaeda face" from the USA says

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!   When you  get mad as hell,  laugh ....because it's the only way to keep it together.  The "home grown Al Qaeda face" is a Jewish convert to islam and is supposedly one of Al Qaeda's spokesman.   Why is it that it's the converts to islam who are the craziest of the crazies?

From TheTimesUK:
Syrian rebels will return arms at end of uprising, says minister. Alistair Burt has told the Commons that the Syrian National Coalition had made a commitment to stop arms falling into the wrong hands

Britain should not worry about sending weapons to Syrian rebels because they have promised to give them back when they are no longer needed, a Foreign Office minister suggested yesterday.

Alistair Burt told the Commons that the Syrian National Coalition had made a commitment to stop arms falling into the wrong hands and agreed to “return any such equipment at the end of the conflict”. He was speaking in a backbench debate on military involvement in the Syrian crisis, amid fears that David Cameron would seek to send weapons to the country during the summer recess..........

Bill Gertz writing at FreeBeacon:
...Al Qaeda’s American spokesman announced in a recent statement that the takeover of Syria is the next target in the terror group’s plan for Islamist revolution in the Levant.

Adam Gadahn, the U.S.-born al Qaeda member, stated in a video message posted July 9 that after Libya, Syria is the next stop for jihadist revolutionaries. He also urged the growing faction jihadist rebels in Syria not to cooperate with secular, western-backed rebels fighting the regime of Syria’s Bashir Assad.

“My brothers in Syria must realize and be certain that their battle is basically and fundamentally with the Jews and those who support them from the states of the Crusader West and their agents like the Syrian regime and similar parties,” Gadahn said.

Gadahn, 34, is a senior al Qaeda operative and spokesman. He is on the FBI’s Most Wanted terrorists list and was indicted by federal court in California on treason and material support to al Qaeda charges.

According to the al Qaeda spokesman, toppling the Syrian regime is a step toward defeating Israel and taking over Jerusalem and the al Aqsa mosque.

Gadahn said Syria’s Islamist rebels must “place Jerusalem, Jaffa, Gaza, Hebron, the Golan, and Haifa before your eyes, and hold on to the weapons and munitions which are in your hands, and do not hand them over to anyone, even after the fall of the regime, for the fall of the regime will be followed by battles and victories. And do not put aside your weapons until you have liberated all of Palestine from the sea to the river and made the banner of Islam fly high over all of the countries of the Levant.”

Al Qaeda’s Al-Sahab Establishment produced the hour-long video for Media Production, the official propaganda arm of the terrorist group.
Gadahn states that Islamist rebels must not support efforts by the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Israel, and the United Nations to preserve their interests in Syria, using regime defectors and former Syrian government officials as a post-Assad government.
He urges Islamist rebels not to allow arms support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Persian Gulf states to coopt Syrian rebels.
Also, Gadahn urges Islamist rebels to reject a future democratic regime in Syria, claiming such a government is a “conspiracy” to weaken Muslims........

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