Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tunisia's second "Arab spring" in the offing?

The countries where there are too many followers of the book of lies are going downhill in a hurry.  

Bouazza Ben Bouazza and Paul Schemm writing at AP:
..... Gunmen shot dead   the leader of a leftist Tunisian opposition party outside his house Thursday morning, in the year's second political assassination in the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

Mohammed Brahmi, 58, of an Arab nationalist political party was in his car outside his home when gunmen fired several shots at him, said Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui.

The two attackers then sped off on a moped, according to a neighbor cited by the state news agency. Local media reported he was shot 11 times.........

From Reuters:
Tunisia's largest labor organization,   the UGTT, said it would hold a general strike on Friday to protest against the assassination of opposition figure Mohamed Brahmi, officials said

"The executive office of the UGTT decided to go on general strike ... it will be a political strike in defense of Tunisia and to protest at this new political assassination," Sami Tahri, a UGTT spokesman, said.........

From RT:
Thousands take to the streets  after opposition leader gunned down in Tunisia.  Tunisian opposition member Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead in the capital Tunis on Thursday, six months after the murder of another secular leader sparked a national crisis. Thousands of secularists have poured on to the streets in protest.

Several Islamist party offices and government buildings have been set on fire. .........

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