Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Indian schoolgirls raped by gang of more than twenty men

These are the  crimes of Hindus against the tribal people and   "untouchables" as they are called by the Hindus.  These poor folks are given a  hope for a  better life by Christian NGOs operating in places where the corrupt  govt. of India largely ignores, probably because the people in those areas are considered to be beneath their notice. The caste system in India will put the KKK to shame.  In India, it's not the color of your skin, because almost all Indians  are either a dark brown or a dirty dark brown or blacker than black... but the stupidity of Hindus go one step further. It's the kind of job you or your ancestors did that keeps you on the  bottom rung of the ladder  and  LOL ... whether you want to believe it or not,  also the kind of food your ancestors ate.

And these idiotic Hindus are considered to be giants in the advancement of  modern technology?!  India can't even educate its own backward Hindus about the real world and to top it all they can't stand the missionary schools' free education?  If the tribal folks are converting  to Christianity  is it any reason to despise and hate them?    Sheesh!

And, mind you, India is considered to be a democratic country where justice is meted out to one and all on equal and fair terms. The truth is  just the opposite.  Ask any Indian immigrant .... there are millions of them outside India because of the utter disgust they have for India and the uneducated masses of  lawless Indians.

From FidesVatican  (Google translation)
...Four tribal girls who attend a Christian school in the village of Labda, in the Pakur, the Indian state of Jharkhand, were abducted at night from the dorm and raped by a group of over twenty masked men. The chilling tale of the case - occurred on July 14 but only now reported to Fides by the NGO local "Catholic Secular Forum" - puts the spotlight on the phenomenon of rape and indiscriminate unpunished in India. The girls, all aged between 12 and 14 years old, belong to the tribe Paharia and now find themselves hospitalized. 
According to the reconstruction of the facts sent to Fides, the 23 of July 14, about 25 masked men armed with knives and stormed in Vocational school run by the Evangelical Church of India in Pakur. The building accommodates care and education and vocational training of approximately 135 students, of whom 60 children under 14 years, for most of tribal families or marginalized groups. The school does not have a security apparatus and, rising on a hill, it is quite isolated. In an expedition organized, the intruders quickly bound and gagged four teachers in the school, prior to seize the four girls and rape them for over two hours, then dropping them in the night. .....

From SydneyHerald:
....Patna, India: Indian police have  arrested eight suspects over the gang rape of four schoolgirls abducted from their convent boarding house in the country's east.
A group of men armed with knives barged into the hostel on Sunday night and kidnapped the girls aged between 12 and 14, before assaulting them in a nearby forest in the tribal state of Jharkhand, a police officer said......

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