Saturday, July 20, 2013

HAHAHAHAHAHA !! Are you loving this or what!!

If  Twitter rumors are true,  UAE is withdrawing investments from Turkey because of  Erdogan's support for Morsi and the MB.  The pace at which things happen in those hellholes is fascinating to say the least.  There's a lesson to be learnt from all this ... in fact, too many lessons ... but only for those who have the capacity to think clearly.  Hint:  Muslims, whether Sunni or Shiites change their minds at the drop of a hat ... never ever trust anyone from that community.

Me thinks the sheikdoms are mad at Erdogan because of what he's been saying about them lately:

FromAlArabiya (mouthpiece of Saudi Arabia)  via Reuters Ankara  :
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused Western and Arab nations of “double standards” for failing to condemn the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, whose Muslim Brotherhood like Erdogan has Islamist roots.
Turkey has emerged as one of the fiercest international critics of what it has called an “unacceptable coup” after Egypt’s powerful military shunted the country’s elected leader from office earlier this month.

Although the United States has expressed concern at Mursi’s removal and called for a swift return to democracy, as has the European Union, it has stopped short of calling it a coup, which might have led to sanctions.

Gulf Arab states, which see Egypt as a strategic ally against any threat from non-Arab Iran, celebrated his departure with palpable relief.

“Countries which embrace and care about democracy should not behave with double standards towards these kinds of events and should say something is wrong when it is wrong,” Erdogan told Western, Arab and other ambassadors late on Thursday.

“Those who extol democracy when they meet with us, saying ‘one must not compromise on democracy’, we want to see their backbone,” Erdogan told his guests at a dinner to break the Muslim Ramadan fast.........

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