Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Israel's decision to release 104 murderers

It is clearly apparent, even to the blind, that Israel has always made "lopsided trades" as Dr. Daniel Pipes says in his article below.   IMO, whatever Israel does to satisfy her enemies should be dumped  in the "feeding your enemies only makes them greedier" folder with a big Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.    Who can forget how Israel exchanged more than 1000 prisoners for one kidnapped soldier?  That was a breaking point for many well-wishers and supporters of Israel,  moi included.  Such a stupid move has never been recorded in the history of the world.  Was that move done to pacify the haters of Israel all over the world?  If so, it didn't work but Israel is the only one not able to chew on that fact.   

The latest gift  from the Israelis to the Palestinians is another pacifier.  This time the release of  over a 100 hardcore murderers from Israeli  jails.  Maybe, Israel has surmised that those released will make their way to Syria and get  themselves sent to their porn headquarters where those never-ending 72 virgins in "use after expiry date" packages await them.  However,  no amount of good gestures from the Israelis will ever please the Palestinians but will the Israelis ever reconcile themselves to that fact?  Never.

....Israeli leaders have a long history   of making lopsided trades with their Arab enemies. These include:

1985 – 1,150 prisoners for 3 captured Israelis
2000 – 450 Arab prisoners for 3 Israeli bodies and a kidnapped Israeli;
2008 – 5 Arab prisoners (including the psychopath Samir al-Kuntar) and 199 Arab bodies for 2 Israeli bodies;
2011 – 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for Gilad Schalit.

I strenuously opposed these unbalanced exchanges (e.g., the Schalit one), even as I acknowledged the honorable Israeli intent not to abandon soldiers.

But there is nothing redeeming whatsoever in the exchange that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu proposed today, releasing 104 murderers as a good-will gesture to encourage the Palestinian Authority to negotiate. Netanyahu justified this decision on the basis that "sometimes prime ministers are forced to make decisions that go against public opinion - when the issue is important for the country."

This is a specious argument. Much more persuasively, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon argues that this gesture "is a prize for the Palestinians, just for their willingness to sit with us at the negotiating table. This defines future standards of far-reaching concessions by Israel, vis-à-vis ridiculous demands by the other side." Danon rightly calls the release of dozens of terrorists who have the blood of hundreds of Israelis on their hands "lunacy."

Lunacy, but also immorality. The exchange betrays the families of victims and it betrays Israel's allies. It is a repugnant action......

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