Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saudi Arabia's mouthpiece Al Arabiya is assaulted by Qatar friendly Tunisian groups

Al Arabiya is jointly owned by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to wikipedia,  and was created to directly compete with Qatar's Al Jazeera.

USA to the rescue of their Saudi brothers in 1-2-3 or less.  From this incident, it is easy to predict that Saudi Arabia will manipulated the USA and their other allies to act against Tunisia's govt .... maybe not right away... but in a few short weeks or months.   When that happens, remember where you first read that prediction.  Tunisia present islamic govt.  favors salafism to wahhabism  and nations slaves to the Saudis prefer Wahhabism.  Both evil doctrines of islam... but we have to learn that if it's Qatar who's does the bankrolling, then the funds are going either to the salafis or the muslim bros.  If Saudi is funding, at the present point in time, they are anti-muslim bros and will fund any country that's willing to throw them out....and of course, right now they are anti anybody who is favored by the Qataris.

Nice bowl of stinking soup for sure....and if the stupid West knew what's good for them they would have kept out of it from day one.    

....Supporters of the Tunisian ruling party Ennahda assaulted Al Arabiya television’s crew in Tunis on Saturday, while the crew was covering a march organized by the movement opposing “the military coup against democracy in Egypt.”
The attackers beat up the cameraman, verbally assaulted the rest of the crew and prevented them from operating.
Balqassem al-Qorawi, an employee, told Al Arabiya that he was with two other colleagues when a group of Ennahda youths attacked him and asked him to leave. He added that those who assaulted him also shouted slogans against Al Arabiya.
In an interview with Al Arabiya, Najiba al-Hamrouni, head of the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists, condemned the attack against the station’s crew.
“The syndicate’s stance in principle rejects attacking journalists and calls for implementing article 14 of decree 115 which criminalizes anyone who insults or attacks a journalist,” said Hamrouni.
“The government until now rejects to implement the law, [so] the perpetrator remains at large and is thus not held accountable. This confirms the cabinet’s silence and collusion and thus its desire to subject the media, intimidate journalists and prevent them from carrying out their job,” she added.....

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