Saturday, July 27, 2013

Uh Oh !! More than 1000 Prison Escapees running wild in NATO's paradise before making their way to Syria

Don't  you just love counting the failures of our esteemed leaders !   Of course, it's no strain on anybody's imagination to visualize the scum from this latest prison breakout and the scum from the Iraqi prison breakout of a few days go,  all zombie-ing their way to Syria.  That jihadi graveyard is gonna run out of holes to bury these lowlives in.  I am of the firm belief that these prison breakouts are the doing of  Assad's enemies and the most sophisticated of weapons will be put in the hands of these lowlives and they will be sent to perform their terrorist tricks in Syria.

BTW,  AlArabiya is  the mouthpiece of the Saudis so as with anything from the Saudi camp, take the reasons for the breakout and how it was done with a sackful of salt.  Look at the two accounts of the prison break ... and draw your own conclusions.

From English AlArabiya:
 ....More than 1,000 inmates, mostly common law offenders, escaped during a prison riot and attack on Saturday in the restive Libyan city of Benghazi, a security official told AFP.
“There was a riot inside Al-Kuifiya prison, as well as an attack from outside. More than 1,000 prisoners escaped. Special forces called in as reinforcements were given orders not to fire at the prisoners,” he said, asking not to be named.....
....“Residents of the area carried out the attack because they don’t want the prison near their homes,” he said, adding that border posts had been alerted and given a list of names to apprehend the escapees.........

From RTNews:
More than 1,000 detainees have escaped from a prison in eastern Libya, security forces told AP. It comes as hundreds of Libyans protest against the killing of a prominent anti-Brotherhood activist, blaming Islamists for his death.
The mass jailbreak occurred at Koyfiya prison in the eastern city of Benghazi on Saturday, according to security official Mohammed Hejazi. 
Most of the inmates were being held on serious charges, according to another official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. 
The escape happened as protesters stormed the offices of Islamist-allied parties in cities throughout the country. It remains unclear whether the jailbreak was part of the protests or if inmates received outside help. 
Hundreds took to the streets of Lybian cities overnight to denounce the killing of prominent political activist and Muslim Brotherhood critic Abdelsalam Al-Mosmary. ........

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