Saturday, July 13, 2013

Obama and Merkel want Morsi to be released

Did anyone hear these two countries crying as loud as this for Mubarak's release?  Why can't all outsides just STFU and let the  Egyptians  handle their own destiny for once?!!

The vid below from RT's CrossTalk  is from a few hours ago .

From PeninsulaQatar:
....The United States yesterday urged the Egyptian military and interim leaders to free deposed president Mohammed Mursi for the first time since he was detained over a week ago.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the United States agreed with Germany’s earlier appeal for Mursi to be released and was “publicly” making the same request.mittee of the Red Cross should be granted access to Mursi.

Mursi has been held in a “safe place,” according to the interim leaders, and has not been seen in public since being ousted on July 3. In past days, while condemning arbitrary arrests, Psaki had refused to say whether the US administration believed Mursi should be freed.

Psaki said she was making the call for Mursi’s release “today, publicly,” but refused to say what had determined the US change of stance.

“We’ve expressed concerns from the beginning... about his arrest, about the politically motivated arbitrary arrests of the Muslim Brotherhood members,” she said.
US officials had also been in regular contact with all sectors of Egyptian society, she stressed.
Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood and opponents of the removed president have called separate rallies across Cairo yesterday amid fears of further bloodshed in the Arab world’s most populous country.....

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