Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aleppo won't starve ... for now

Further to this,  it's good to know the city of Aleppo caught between a rock and a hard place viz Terrorist cannibals on one side and Assad's merciless troops on the other,  won't die from starvation.

From BreakingNews:
news shipments of vegetables, after an imminent human catastrophe was on doors as "Free Army" militia prevented food supplies from entering the area for more than 10 days putting the lives of more than 3 million people at risk.

Breaking News Network correspondent stresses that vegetables shipments arrived to the areas secured by Syrian Army, and that Syrian Army itself distributed the supplies in order to prevent any price manipulation.

The correspondent maintained that shipments entered the areas of al-Aziziah, al-Sulaimaniah, Halab al-Jadidah (New Aleppo), al-Furqan, and al-Jamilieh and other army-controlled areas as well.

Finally, Breaking News Network correspondent reported a military source saying that food supplies delivery process was accomplished through safe and secured roads that the army cannot disclose due to security reasons.

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