Thursday, July 18, 2013

American Jews: "We love our enemies with the last breath in our bodies" ....

that's what my ears hear when I see stark raving stupidity from the Jewish people.

Wanna bet that from the 25 regents who voted the muzzie in as a member of the UC board,  at least 15 of them will be Jewish?  The list  of the regents is here.  Don't know if this list is updated and accurate.

When Weiner and his Muslim Brotherhood Saudi wife becomes first family of  New York city when he becomes the mayor (that's another bet I am sure to win) the Jewish vote is the one that's going to do it.

I keep telling myself not to get upset when I see how the Jewish people themselves are inviting calamity on themselves but it gets me seeing red every single time.   How can the smartest people on earth be also the dumbest ?

From YahooNews:
....Sadia Saifuddin, a 21-year-old social welfare major   at the prestigious University of California at Berkeley, will become the first Muslim student member of the 26-person board of regents for a year-long term starting in 2014.....

....."In a year where campus climate issues have been the dominant theme of the UC system, a vote to appoint somebody who has served to polarize thousands and thousands of people in the campus community and beyond is shocking," said Rabbi Aron Hier of the Wiesenthal Center, which petitioned the regents to deny Saifuddin a seat on the board.

"An appropriate Muslim candidate could have ably served in this position. We don't believe Sadia is that appropriate candidate," he added.

Despite the opposition, 25 university regents voted on Wednesday to confirm her appointment with one member, Richard Blum, abstaining from the vote. He cited concerns about Saifuddin's divestment efforts.....

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