Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blood donations from gay men and men having sex with other men while married to females

If homosexual men are whining about their blood not being accepted for fear they might be carrying the dreaded diseases of Hepatitis C or HIV ... then they are not only extremely selfish (as if we didn't know that) but also extremely criminal.  Blood donors are supposed to be a caring lot and to think that someone donates blood knowing that that blood is carrying contagious diseases or might be carrying contagious diseases, is ... IMO ... a punishable crime.

I hope the relaxation of the policy that prevented gay men from donating blood ... the new rules say that men who have not had homosexual sex for  the last 5 years, can now give blood ... won't have further complications.  Well-meaning gay men should do the right thing and keep away from blood donor sites .... PLEASE!   Unfortunately, the changes made (all kept pretty much under the radar) are not going to prevent diseases communicable by blood  and if the powers-that-be responsible think that  men having sex with other men are going to be honest when answering the questionaire about the "5 years" thing ... think again.

The vid below is from about two months ago.  See how the woman is labelling HIV as "a much more manageable virus" and hence it is not a risk to health.  Wouldn't it be better to not have the "manageable virus" in the first place, lady?

Megan Dolsk  at CanadianPress via YahooNews:
...A new blood-donation policy came into effect across Canada on Monday, officially nixing the lifelong ban that prevented men who have had sex with men from giving blood.

Canadian Blood Services and HEMA-Quebec — which oversee Canada's blood system — are now allowing men to donate blood if they have not had homosexual sex in the last five years.
The five-year rule is non-negotiable, even if a potential donor has had their blood screened and is perfectly healthy.
"We can't make exceptions," said Marc Plante, a CBS spokesperson.
"Those policies are there for safety reasons, and unfortunately we can't pick and choose, as much as we'd love to. We can't."
The new policy comes two decades after Canada's tainted-blood scandal.

Transfusions infected over 30,000 Canadians with Hepatitis C or HIV, sparking an inquiry in 1993 that ultimately led to the Red Cross being stripped of its control of the blood system.
The rules in effect from the 1980s until now excluded a man from giving blood, for the rest of his life, if he had ever had sex with another man since 1977 — cited as the date HIV began spreading in developed countries.
While Health Canada approved the latest policy change in late May, there has been a delay in its implementation to allow suppliers of blood products enough time to update their means of determining donor eligibility, and to train employees.
Neither CBS or HEMA-Quebec have any sort of awareness campaign planned to notify Canadians of the new policy.
Plante said no such publicity is warranted because the new eligibility criteria is unlikely to lead to many new donors......

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