Sunday, February 24, 2013

Afghanistan's Karzai gives his humble thanks to the USA and NATO ....

for having tried to drag his cavemen country half-way into ours.  Actually, I wouldn't put it past Obama to have told Karzai to take this action so the USA can haul those regiments from Afghanistan and into the border area of Syria/Turkey.  Nothing is as it seems .... NOTHING !

Muhammad Lila and Aleem Agha writing at  ABCNews:
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered all U.S. Special Forces out  of two key provinces within two weeks, accusing Afghan units under their jurisdiction of being responsible for the torture, abuse, and disappearance of Afghan civilians.

The deadline was announced today by Karzai spokesman Aimal Faizi at a hastily convened press conference, and later repeated in a statement from the Presidential Palace.

The decision came after Karzai met Sunday with his National Security Council. According to the statement, during the meeting "it became clear that armed individuals belonging to US Special Forces engaged in harassing, annoying, torturing, and even murdering innocent people."

A NATO spokesperson says they are aware of the allegations, but would not provide further comment.

U.S. Special forces are known to conduct operations with Afghan units that are separate from the normal Afghan Army. Because these units are often directly recruited, trained and supported by U.S. special forces, they fall outside of Karzai's control........

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