Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canada's Conservatives to remain at the top for a long, long, long time

 I don't know whether to be hugely pleased or mildly apprehensive about the Conservatives entrenching themselves at the top for decades to come.  For the last several months, every poll at YahooNews (they have at least one every fortnight on Canadian politics) was in favor of  Harper and the Conservatives by an unbelievable margin.... so the article below doesn't surprise me one bit.

Mark Kennedy writing at NationalPost:
Canada’s Conservatives will be the “perpetually dominant”ruling party this century because of a fundamental shift in society, says a new book by an eminent pollster and a political journalist.

According to the authors of The Big Shift, many people — especially the central Canadian “elites” who once set the national agenda — don’t realize how much the country has changed.

A coalition of influence and power has shifted to the West and Ontario suburbs, where the Tories are strong.

Waves of immigration, much of it from Asia, have brought conservative values.

And Quebec — with all the associated hand-wringing about national unity — no longer captures the nation’s attention like it once did.

The May 2, 2011, election that gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority government was a “tectonic” shift in Canadian history, write the book’s authors, Ipsos Reid pollster Darrell Bricker and Ottawa journalist John Ibbitson. Ipsos Reid is the official pollster for Postmedia News.

And it’s just the beginning of a long hold on power, they predict.............


  1. Well that is easy to understand. Consider the other choices, the Liberals under the Shiny Pony Pretty Boy Justoy Trudeau or the NDP aka The Almost Commie Party.

    1. Yes ... all things considered the Conservative party when compared to the other two, come across as a teacher in a classroom filled with unruly children who need a good spanking.


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