Monday, February 25, 2013

Hypenated Canadians "trapped" in their "home" country of Syria

This is exactly why people like me, and believe you me, there are millions of Canadians who think like myself   .... criticize our Canadian govt for making it easy for people migrating to this country to  hold dual passports and dual nationality.

Look .... I don't give a rat's fart which country you have migrated from.  If you have come here to make Canada your new home, it's because your old one was a hellhole or close to it.  Don't give us the shit about love for the old "motherland" and all that crap. If you are migrating to this country, your loyalty lies here and not the hellhole you escaped from.  If you love your stinking  hellholes so much, why not give up Canada and all the goodies you get here and please get the hell out of here???
At YahooNews,  there a vid  from the CanadianPress where a "Canadian mother despairs for son trapped in Syria".   Why the fuck is the son in Syria if the mother, and according to her, his other siblings are here????   Didn't the Canadian govt warn all Canadians to get out of Syria almost 2 years ago????   From what the woman says it's clear that this family is against the Assad regime and what does that tell you about why the son is there ?!!

I sincerely hope our government does not spend our tax dollars in trying to lift these traitors from the war-torn Syria back to Canada.  Let them get blown up into a million pink watery pieces in the hellhole they consider to be their "home". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
Fucking  @*&^%$#!)**&^%$  Canadians of convenience.

Who are the Immigration officers responsible for approving the citizenship applications for such people??

Mike Blanchfield writing at MontrealGazette:
Syrian Canadians despair for relatives trapped by war,   call on Kenney to do more.  very bomb that explodes in Damascus strikes at the heart of a woman in suburban Ottawa, leaving her to wonder why the government here is not helping to get her son out of the besieged Syrian capital.

Leila, not her real name, knows that her 27-year-old son is hiding somewhere in Damascus, trying to keep one step ahead of a security apparatus that has his name on a list of forced conscripts.............


  1. Same sort of thing happened when Lebanon was in an uproar a few years back and the CND government felt obliged to rescue the Canadians of Convenience from there. Canada is just being played as a patsy by these connivers.

    1. Our government has learnt a bitter lesson after the Lebanon fiasco. The new rules, at least the way I understand them, are different. Now, if after the travel advisories and warnings to Canadians to get out of, or not to travel to conflict countries, the idiots still ignore such warnings, then the Canadian govt will not be able to lift them out of the war zones even if they scream to high heaven. The most the govt. will be able to do is lift them back to Canada if they get themselves to a refugee camp and make contact....and every penny the govt. spends on behalf of the idiots will have to be compensated by the idiots when the idiots get here to safety.


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