Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wrong-doers are shit-scared of Sun News network

If you have done nothing wrong, you will welcome the opportunity to have  Canada's new News network focus on you.  IMO, David Suzuki has a lot to hide from the public that he and his group have been screwing for decades.... why else would they deny access to a Sun News reporter to an event where journalists and reporters from all other networks were present ????

Andy Radia writing at YahooNews:
 ....There was a bit of a strange scene  at a David Suzuki event on Tuesday night in our nation's capital.
According to Sun News' Jessica Hume, she and her cameraman were thrown out of the Ottawa tour stop of 'The Eco Tour ', a series of public policy debates between economist Jeff Rubin and Dr. Suzuki.
When we first arrived we were welcomed, asked how long we’d like with the good doctor and where we should set up our shot. When it was revealed we represented Sun News, we were no longer welcome.
David Suzuki didn’t just refuse to speak to us. He refused to appear altogether, sending a handful of hostile event organizers to remove us from the premises.
After much debate and my reiterating I would be staying to ask a question, one of the event-organizers-turned-Suzuki-mandated-attack-dogs turned to the sizable crowd, incensed that I wouldn’t leave quietly, and yelled for someone to call 911.
Hume added that Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who was moderating the event, pleaded to organizers to let her stay but to no avail..........

Say what you will about the Green Party leader Elizabeth May, she is never afraid of talking to anyone and as far as we know she and her doings are transparent to the public.

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