Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's all bow down to the "astronomers" who are confident of exactly when asteroids and meteors will visit us ....

after all, a big percentage of us did bow down until recently to the "scientists" who gave us the textbook on climate warming, didn't we?  So, what can go wrong if we put our faith into these astro-logers.   Their crystal ball is just as good as was the crystal ball of the hockey stick nincompoops.

NASA and the astronomers on the government payrolls of  Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK  and everywhere else  are running off at the  mouth about how it was difficult to see a 10 tonne, 100 metres wide meteor hustling towards earth.  What a bunch of  losers !!  More often than not, amateur astronomers with  store bought telescopes and  a zeal not found in the government paid astronomers, find new stars and spy meteors coming our way.

There is no dignity or love for one's role in the scientific profession any more.... just like other professions that have gone downhill, so too has the space science departments.

... “As of 06:00 a.m. on Sunday, work has been done to replace window glass in 1,658 residential buildings, 34 health care organizations, 62 educational establishments and four social facilities. Window frames and glass have been restored on an area of 37,800 square meters. A total of 122 potential hazardous facilities have been inspected,” the Emergencies Center said.....

The Russian meteor has people asking why NASA  scientists did not see it coming. Many people were watching the oncoming 2012 DA14 asteroid, which passes by this afternoon EST, but completely missed the Russian meteor.

The Russian meteor is estimated to weigh about 10 tons and be about 100 meters wide. Scientists think it was traveling at a velocity of approximately 33,000 mph before shattering between 18 to 32 miles above the Earth, releasing several kilotons of energy which is the equivalent of a small nuclear bomb. As a comparison, the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima released 15 kilotons of explosive energy......

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