Monday, February 11, 2013

Parents, think twice before you name your sons "Justin"

I know of two Justins, both Canadian ... and both are terrible.

From NewsBusters:
.... BIEBER: [Pulls out waist of his pants and what appear to be boxers,   takes picture with cellphone] Check your email, Hillary Clinton. [Winks]
This Valentine’s Day, it’s gonna be you, me, passion. [Something hits his window] Is that a bird?
This Valentine's Day is gonna get sexy courtesy of this massage oil. Nope. [Unintelligible]. Well, we're going to have to make it work, right, Taco?
Well, looks like Taco's got his toilet out. Guess I better go.
Stay sexy, girl.

So the folks at SNL actually wrote a skit wherein an eighteen-year-old boy sends a picture of his penis to a 65-year-old former first lady, former Secretary of State, and possible future president.

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