Monday, February 18, 2013

Everything that the Judeo-Christian nations do ... is to do with money and influence

Nothing is humanitarian and nothing is for  "saving the poor people from dictators".

If this is why we are creating trouble in those lands because we want to suck them dry, why not just colonize the whole fucking Middle East and Africa and each non-Muslim country  take a piece of  whatever shit they want and be done with it.   Why keep arse licking the new dictators who have replaced the old dictators and arse-lick the Arab Sunni dictators like there's no tomorrow?  Think dogs going round in circles trying to bite their own tails and then think  the present day leaders of our world  doing the same.... and you get a glimpse of our disgusting behaviour  which should sicken you to the depths of your stomach.

Chris Stephen and Nick Hopkins writing at TheGuardianUK:
Britain is trying to boost equipment sales to Libya by sending a Royal Navy warship to Tripoli to act as a floating shop window for security firms, amid concern in Whitehall that France and Italy are cashing in on the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

But the trip, planned for April, has raised concerns among Libyan politicians and arms control campaigners who have demanded to know which companies will be on board and what kind of equipment they will be attempting to sell.

So far, UK Trade and Investment, the government agency organising the arms fair, has refused to disclose the businesses likely to be exhibiting, saying this would give European competitors an advantage.

UKTI said no weapons would be offered for sale and the Libyans would only be shown specialist equipment to help with port security and maintenance, as well as ribbed inflatable boats for patrolling the harbour, and uniforms.

Yet prominent Libyans have raised fears that the race to win defence contracts could lead to equipment getting into the wrong hands in a country where the government has a tenuous grip on security........

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