Thursday, February 14, 2013

Far too late for Brits trying to brush off cobwebs from brain and eyes ... far too late

The damage has been done and nothing, absolutely nothing can turn back the clock now.

In a way, I am glad that we in North America have Britain and the rest of the EU as examples of what can happen to us  too if  we don't employ and deploy drastic measures with the utmost haste without giving two hoots about political correctness.  If  we in Canada cannot learn from the mistakes of the UK and the EU .... then we deserve to be taken over by the Caliphate and their foot soldiers... the fucking Left.

Rowena Mason writing at TelegraphUK:
...Foreigners are taking advantage of the NHS, David Cameron says Foreigners are taking advantage of the NHS and should only get free treatment if they have been paying taxes, David Cameron has said.  
The Prime Minister said Britain is "not tough enough right now" about stopping health tourists coming to Britain to use the NHS.
Speaking to workers at B&Q in Eastleigh, Mr Cameron said the health service should not be free for foreigners from outside the EU. Britain must also get better at charging other EU countries when their citizens use the NHS, he added.
"We're not tough enough right now about people coming from the other side of the world who decide to use our health service," he said. "They haven't contributed in their taxes. They should pay when they use the NHS."
Mr Cameron criticised the current system as he was asked about the pressure on NHS services if a wave of Bulgarians and Romanians immigrate to Britain when restrictions are lifted next year.
"We've made some progress but there's a lot more to do to make sure that while we're welcoming to immigrants we don't allow people to come here and take advantage of us, because I think that does happen too often," he said.........

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