Sunday, February 10, 2013

The persecution of Christians and Christianity by the Washington Post

Washington Post has acquired an unholy  taste for allahu akbars and at the same time, as often happens when you go to the other side,  an unbridled hatred of Christians and Christianity.  I wonder how much of the company is in Arab hands.  It's so simple to spot which media houses have allahu akbars on their board or have a grip on their stock.  It's a safe bet that Washington Post is compromised.

Go read the whole thing but  try and  keep your blood pressure in check.

Ken Shepherd writing at NewsBusters:
 .....Today's "On Faith" page  in the Washington Post featured a puzzling contrast that shows the left-wing media's schizophrenia when it comes to traditional religious faith. The paper's religion section editors ran these two items side-by-side: a Religion News Service (RNS) article that was thoroughly positive about Muslim women who want to design and/or model fashionable yet modest clothing, and Post religion writer Lisa Miller's attack on Catholic bishops for their stances on Christian sexual ethics in general and opposition to the ObamaCare contraception mandate in particular.

In "A Muslim fashion statement: Agency connects modesty-minded models with designers," Omar Sacirbey of RNS opened his 23-paragraph feature with the story of Savannah Uqdah, a devout Muslim woman who at one time aspired to be a fashion model but "didn't want to violate Islam's tenets on modesty." As such, Uqdah "shelved her modeling dreams and instead expressed herself through the fashions she wore." But now that modeling agencies eye a lucrative market in fashionable yet modest attire, Sacirbey notes, women like Uqdah are excited at the potential to live out their dreams.

At no point in Sacirbey's feature did he turn to anyone to deride as outdated or retrograde the very notion of modesty as informed by traditional Muslim teaching. The next column over, however, was a far different story, with Miller waging a full-throated attack on Catholic teachings on sexual morality.

By contrast, in her B2 column headlined "Where bishops have trouble understanding young: Sex," Miller opened with an all-too-predictable line of secularist liberal attack on the Catholic Church: they're out of touch with modern times:
The headline last week in the National Catholic Reporter, the country’s go-to source for all things Catholic, might have run on the satirical news site “The Onion”: “Vatican admits it doesn’t fully understand youth culture,” it said. Next week, perhaps NCR will run a follow-up piece: “Bishops admit they have no clue about sex.”
But it's not just that the Church is out of step with modernity, in Miller's eyes at least, no, it's that they're out of step with the Obama administration and with the Washington Post:..........


  1. Great post. Though I agree with Maria S that an Islamic financial stake in the _Post_ may well explain the contrast between the two attitudes, the unctuously deferential one toward Islamic sensibilities vs the disdainfully hostile one toward Catholic mores, I think that Osama bin Laden's famous dictum, "When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse," might do so as well.

    Resurgent Islam--quite apart from the raw fear it inspires--projects conviction in its religious doctrines; Catholicism . . . not so much, not since the Second Vatican Council, and--ironically in view of Ms Miller's screed--the Church has been progressively deemphasizing the importance of sexual morality since the time of the Council. In the process, the Church has turned itself into a "weak horse" that invites contempt from its opponents, like Ms. Miller.

    1. Yes ... unfortunately, we the Christians have been becoming weaker by the day. Weak in our moral character, weak in our outlook on marriage, weak in child bearing, weak in criticism when our fellow Christians are persecuted and killed, weak in everything.

      The Papal honchos instead of taking a firm stand are becoming increasing politically correct which disease is often the downfall of everything that we are supposed to defend and emulate. If the Pope was to make a stand, firmly and true for Christians all over the world, even at the risk of getting himself killed .... it would revitalize Christians and Christianity .... and to use your analogy, "we would not be the weak horse" no more.

      Christianity, in our present era, is devoid of martyrs.


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