Friday, February 8, 2013

Brit arrested for threatening to massacre US kids

British citizen Reece Elliott wished to kill at least 200 American kids  "before I kill myself"  he posted on Facebook.  Is  he a convert to Islam ?  Such blood-thirsty threats are usually from the muzzies.

....An anonymous post made on Wednesday   on a Facebook memorial page set up for a deceased student threatened a mass killing spree, saying: "I'm gonna kill hopefully at least 200 before I kill myself."

Elliott was being held at South Shields police station and will be questioned by the force's major incident team.

Homeland Security in the US has been informed, and the threats led schools in Warren County, Tennessee, to tighten security.

Some reports said as many as 3,000 students did not attend classes the next day.

The post said: "My father has three guns. I'm planning on killing him first and putting him in a dumpster. Then I'm taking the motor and I'm going in fast.

"I'm gonna kill hopefully at least 200 before I kill myself."..........

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