Saturday, February 16, 2013

Four unrelated meteor events within a 48 hour period ?

At times like these, sceptics have to lay low and not breathe a word.  Let the fans of  the French seer and believers of  other prophecies  go nuttier than usual ... this is surely their time to shine.  Meteorites in Russia, California and Cuba and the big daddy, asteroid  2012 DA12 ... all within a 48 hour timeline.

In California:
Meteor flashes across bay area skies.

Nostradamus' followers are quoting the quatrain below in relation to the recent events.
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.
Are the  two "suns"  the meteors seen in  Russia and the meteor seen in Cuba?   The one seen in California doesn't count, because the place is full of demons and they saw something giving  off a  greenish or blueish light.  LOL
And has Pope Benedict XVI already changed residences ?   Not as far as we know.

In Cuba
Cuba, too, reports powerful meteorite explosion. Cuba apparently experienced a phenomenon similar to the meteorite that detonated over Russia this week, island media reported, with startled residents describing a bright light in the sky and a loud explosion that shook windows and walls.
There were no reports of any injuries or damage such as those caused by the Russia meteorite, which sent out shockwaves that hurt some 1,200 people and shattered countless windows.
In a video from a state TV newscast posted on the website CubaSi late Friday, unidentified residents of the central city of Rodas, near Cienfuegos, said the explosion was impressive.
"On Tuesday we left home to fish around five in the afternoon, and around 8:00 we saw a light in the heavens and then a big ball of fire, bigger than the sun," one local man said in the video.
"My home shook completely," said a woman. "I had never heard such a strange thing."
Marcos Rodriguez, whom the video identified as a specialist in anthropology, said all signs point to a meteorite.....

Informative article from NationalGeographic here

And, do you wanna  know what techy geeks think about the prophecies of Nostradamus?
When the Vulpi of Fire enters its fourth dimension,
And the Cerulean Mark of the Northern Dominion passes ten,
And the steely Tri-color Sphere of the Wise Seekers enters infinity,
A new era of blissful creation will be unleashed upon the webbed craftsmen.
Experts believe that Nostradamus is describing a time when all three major browsers will fully support a set of web standards, finally making it possible to develop truly browser agnostic web applications.....

You will have to visit the link to read it through.  From my quick glance the "Vulpi of Fire" is FireFox  "Cerulean Mark"  I think is Internet Explorer and the "Tr-color Sphere" is Google.  Although, this does seem to be a good analysis or perception or whatever it is that sceptics don't even want to touch upon when it comes to prophecies and the like....the non-sceptics too should bear in mind  that one can have a certain idea and comb through tomes like the French seer's works and other books to arrive with nuggets that can purport to make "prophetic" sense.

All this reminds me of an odious member from my extended family who has a quote from the Bible for anybody and everybody he sees as going against the wishes of God. I  had no idea that the Bible focused on your very own sinful Maria on many a page until the seer from my family tree pointed it out to me.  HAHAHAHHA

Many a time,  as  religious scholars love to point out,  an upheaval in the Catholic Church  also coincides with  earthquakes, floods and other calamities. Those and other signs are sent to tell mankind that the  big  honcho in the sky is mad with us.   Just coincidences?  I don't know ... I am just a puny little nobody who thinks I know a lot.

If God is mad with us, it must be because we have let EVIL destroy Christianity in the Middle East ... not only "let" but helped EVIL  destroy it.

Update: The Skeptoid on Nostradamus after reading what the Skeptoid had to say, I am sure the two quatrains quoted in my post above are made up by prophecy nuts and are not actually from the Frenchman's books.  Man-oh-man ... how nutty can these prophecy believers get ?!!  Sheesh !!

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