Thursday, February 28, 2013

Only in Canada ... a black police officer charged for not investigating racial taunts against himself

If you read anything more weird today, please, PLEASE,  do me a favor and send the item across.

Here is an example of a black man who knows exactly how to treat hooligans, drunks  and race baiters by intelligently ignoring them .... but our brain-dead justice system won't let this smart, intelligently adult  man handle this the smart, intelligent way.  No sirreee,  NO NO!!    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

Our laws in Canada  were made by Martians and we are being forced to abide by them.  I am so disgusted with our system, I couldn't read more than the headings and a few lines of the two articles.

Peter Edwards writing at TheStar:
.....Black police officer faces charges for not investigating racial taunts against himself
A black York Regional Police officer faces misconduct charges for his handling of a farm party turned ugly, when he was allegedly subjected to repeated racial taunts and told, “I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree.”............

More here:
Black York Region officer shook head in disgust   at lynching threat, hearing told.........

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