Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Canadian passports .... the confetti appreciated by one and all

The CIA and Mossad agents also appreciate our Canadian passports as much as the terrorists around the world.

From TheGlobe&Mail:
.....Al-Qaeda and Mossad, Hezbollah and the CIA, don’t have much in common save for a demonstrated preference that the passport for dirty deeds is Canada’s.
Since the Cold War, Canadian passports have been desirable for spies, state-sponsored assassins, terrorists and just about anyone else seeking to be plausibly ordinary across a range of languages, ethnicities and religions.
That a Hezbollah bus bomber in Bulgaria should be bearing a Canadian passport is good tradecraft, whether or not he was an actual citizen from a deliberately multicultural society with a genuine travel document or just carrying a good fake.........
....Canadian governments have sometimes been complicit in the false issuance of passports. In 1980, Ottawa gave a half-dozen passports to the CIA to extract U.S. diplomats from Tehran, where Islamic radicals had stormed the American embassy. In doing so, Ottawa reinforced the widely held view that a nice blue Canadian passport was the ideal document to get into, or out of, a bad place.
Last month, another Canadian passport turned up, this time on the charred body of an Islamic jihadi linked to al-Qaeda who played a leading role – according to Algerian authorities – in the hostage taking and murder of scores of westerners at a remote Sahara gas facility.

CTVNews is reporting that Jason Kenney, Immigration Minister had this to say on the Canadian-Lebanese citizen implicated in the Bulgaria bombing:
 ... "My understanding is that he came to Canada as a child at about the age of eight, obtained citizenship three or four years after that, left Canada at the age of 12," Kenney said. "I understand he returned to Lebanon. I understand he may have been back to Canada a few times since then, but has not been a habitual resident of Canada since the age of 12."....
.....Kenney said the lack of information available about the suspect's history in Canada -- including when and how often he has visited the country -- demonstrates the need for new legislation to better track those who enter and exit Canada.
"In a case like this, we'd be able to immediately look at the computer and see when he was last in Canada, how long he was in Canada and so forth," Kenney said.
Canada should also consider legislation to revoke the citizenship of dual citizens "who have completely rejected any sense of loyalty to Canada, gone out and committed terrorist crimes, committed acts of war against Canada," Kenney said......

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