Thursday, February 28, 2013

What is Eric Holder sneakily giving himself an advanced alibi for ?

Does he know something?  Does he, deep down somewhere in his conscience, is aware of  the fact that all the political correctness and all the kowtowing to Muslims in America and around the world has done more harm than good and that another major attack on America is likely to happen in spite of it all....and likely to happen on his watch and that he better go on record with what he is now spouting to ABC?   When someone acts or talks differently then what you have come to expect from them and especially when that someone is in the legal-wiggle business.... go with your instincts.  Mine are tingling.  Part of the interview video is at the link below.

Chris Good writing at ABCNews:
..."I still worry at night,"   the U.S. attorney general told ABC's Pierre Thomas in a wide-ranging, exclusive interview on Wednesday... 
....."Core al Qaeda doesn't have the capacity that it once did, but it's metastasized in a number of ways. We now worry about the nodes of al Qaeda—al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al Qaeda now in Africa, al Qaeda in Iraq," Holder said. "The threat is more widespread in terms of where those people are, where those significant people are. That's how it's different now.".....
...."I worry a little that the American people, from the general population, has become a little complacent that we don't understand or realize that the threats are still real, that the danger is out there, is still tangible, that we still have to be as vigilant as we need to be," Holder said......

....During his tenure as attorney general, federal authorities have thwarted numerous terrorist plots hatched within the U.S., and Holder told ABC News that the threat of homegrown plots warrants as much attention as international terrorism. In December, the FBI arrested two Florida brothers, Raees Alam and Sheheryar Alam Qazi, alleging they had sought to obtain explosives and carry out a terrorist attack in New York City. The two were charged with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

"It's a very serious threat. I think what it says is that the scope, our scope, has to be broadened. We can't think that it's just a bunch of people in caves in some part of the world," Holder said. "We have to be concerned about the homeland to the same extent that we are worried about the threat coming from overseas."

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