Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wear cotton clothes to conserve power advocate also an expert on dirty nipples

Obama's pals, the  know-it-alls in the Muslim Brotherhood.  Although, I tend to agree on the hygienic importance of women breast-feeding their young, I think he's off his rocker on  how to conserve energy by people gathering in single rooms and wearing cotton garments.

Vasudevan Sridharan writing at InternationalBusiness:
The inability of women in rural Egypt   to clean their breasts is causing a diarrhoea epidemic, according to the country's Prime Minister Hisham Qandil.

Qandil was speaking about the spate of recent epidemics in Egypt's rural communities. During the address, he said he had witnessed children suffering from diarrhoea immediately after they have been breastfed because their mothers were unable to clean themselves probably.

He added that many women in rural Egypt don't even bother to clean their breasts at all before feeding their toddlers.

Qandil made his remarks during an address at a cabinet meeting. Women members present were noticeably uncomfortable  as Qandil made the comments.

Qandil previously caused widespread anger by offering a bizarre solution to Egypt's power crisis. He urged the Egyptians to wear cotton clothes and gather in a single room to conserve power....

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