Sunday, October 30, 2011

Afghanistan and NATO .... marriage on the rocks.

As many had predicted, this venture was doomed to failure from get-GO.  The divorce negotiations are bloody and highly messy. If there's a poll taken today, I am willing to bet that 80% in both the USA and Canada will want to see us out of each and every muslim land. Three more years in the Afghanistan hellhole is going to turn a lot of young NATO soldiers into permanent patients sitting the rest of their lives on the psychiatric couches when they get back to their own countries. You can't expect to expect these young people who are constantly seeing human beings turn into gooey messes right before their eyes to come back home and continue with a "normal" life like we understand "normal" to be. Most of these young people are not coming back to the arms of a loving family like the guys from WWII  because liberal culture has done away with loving families and the family unity is now mostly a thing of the good old past.

Why are we not able to accept a partial defeat and just try and save our own citizens from the muslim ghouls? WHY ????

1) 17 lives lost in an inferno in a country far, far, far, far away. WTF are we doing there when most of the people in that hellhole want to see us gone?

2) What a total waste of brave young Canadians.... for what ???? RIP Master Cpl. Byron Greff.

3) Afghan soldier goes on a shooting spree killing Australian soldiers.

4) Two British contractors among the soldiers killed.

5) A teenage girl also blew herself up as she tried to attack an Afghan intelligence office ......

6) Great news. Pakistan feeding critical info of NATO visits and moves to the Taliban.

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