Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I get mail from Mayor Rob Ford's office

No other mayor bothered to do so. The haughty Premier of Ontario wouldn't ever dream of doing so .... maybe because the sod has nothing good to report. Mayor Rob Ford works for us the taxpayers .... he does not bother to suck up to our lefty media and he is far from being "politically correct"  like the other hypocrites in politics ..... and that's the reason why the lefty media hates him with a vengence as you can see from the vids below where the state-funded CBC tried to ambush him into saying something stupid so they could use it endlessly to their advantage. It didn't happen ... the mayor is too smart to fall for the lefty shit and the only media outlet to tell us about it all was the SUNTV network. 

From the office of Mayor Rob Ford:
I am very pleased to let you know we are fulfilling another campaign commitment with the awarding of the solid waste contract to be approved at City Council next week. A staff report from Solid Waste Management, released this week, indicates significantly higher savings than originally forecasted. The cost savings estimate is expected to be $11.1 million or 30% annually. Upon final approval of the lowest bid by Council, the City will move to sign a seven-year contract, with two additional one-year options, to collect waste in District 2 from 165,000 homes west of Yonge Street.

Compared to the cost of City-delivered service, over the term of the seven-year base contract, the City will save approximately $78.4 million or $100 million with two one-year extensions.

There is also some very exciting news to report from the TTC. In September, the TTC celebrated its 90th anniversary and earlier this month they welcomed their 28 billionth rider since its inception in 1921. Recently, TTC Commissioners approved a progress report outlining several specific recommendations for improving customer service at the TTC.

On Wednesday, Toronto's Ombudsman released a report entitled Potholes, Floods and Broken Branches: How the City Handles Your Claims. The report focussed on the third-party liability claims process. I want to thank Ms. Crean and her staff for doing a great service to the residents of Toronto by shining a spotlight on this serious issue. When I served as a Councillor, I had many residents calling me to complain about the third-party liability claims process.

The City Manager now has very clear recommendations, which he has already accepted. Customer Service Excellence is a priority for my administration and this report helps us to continue on that path.

The Toronto Police Services Board passed their budget this week which included $43.1 million in savings or a 4.6% reduction from 2011. This is the first time in many years there have been reductions to the police budget. The Board also approved an external organizational review of the police service to find the balance of the 10% savings target for 2013.

Some of the areas where the Chief and the Board found savings were:
$500,000 for contracting out cleaning of police stations.
10 percent reduction in senior officer positions for a savings of $3 million.
10 percent reduction in premium pay for a savings of $5.8 million.
Other non salary items totaling a savings of $4.2 million.

Today, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board approved the sale of 706 homes, the proceeds of which will go entirely to State of Good Repair. TCHC is facing a $650-million repair bill and the demand for housing continues to rise. We must act now to tackle these challenges in a way that achieves the greatest good for the greatest number of people.Selling the 706 houses, which are all costly assets to maintain, will raise $335 million for capital repairs in our buildings.

We will take care of the tenants who are currently living in the houses we sell. These tenants will be offered the choice of another unit in our portfolio. TCHC will also pay for their moving costs and offer other supports.

This will mean improved quality housing for all of TCHC's 164,000 tenants. It will also mean shorter waits for the 79,000 households on waiting lists for affordable housing. Lastly, it will improve the value of our housing assets for the people of Toronto.

My team and I continue to work very hard for you, the taxpayers of Toronto. Have a wonderful weekend!.....

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