Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The worst country in the world spreading it's roots in Egypt

Yup ... Saudi Arabia is spreading it's poisonous roots in Egypt. Did you think the laughable "Arab spring" was going to come up smelling like roses ?  It's weeds, weeds everywhere now, even in Canada .... and as, unfortunately, strong pesticides cannot be sprayed on these weeds, your politicians are requesting you silly infidels to stop being intolerant of the intolerable and start learning super quick how to live with the damn weeds, even at the risk of those weeds killing off everything else in your pretty little garden.

The Saudization of Egypt has begun with the intent of derailing democratic transition or preventing it from taking roots for years to come. According to Al Arabiya,120 new Saudi companies have been established since the Egyptian Revolution on Jan. 25, 2011. Saudis are investing in every sector of the Egyptian economy where many poverty stricken Egyptians will be hired to make living , an investment that is understandable and that can be appreciated. The major problem with this is that wherever Saudi money goes, Wahhabism "follows and swallows."........

Here's how the Saudis treat women working in their households.

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