Thursday, October 20, 2011

NATO and the UN's aggression in Libya is vomit inducing

Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of NATO because Qatar and other Sunni nations are with NATO in the  offensive against Gadhafi, are propagandizing on a daily basis that either one or more of the Gadhafi family have been either killed or captured. If you were to keep a tally then you would think that Gadhafi had more than 100 children and most of them have JesusChrist-like heavenly powers as they keep coming back from the dead. At least make the damn propaganda somewhat believable ! Today, it's Gadhafi himself lying in the coffin... if you were in a frame of mind to believe that mouthpiece. These tactics are becoming more like the story about the "boy who cried wolf" ... when it really happens nobody will believe the NATO propagandists and that would serve them right.  Deadbeats, to the very last count, every last one of them.

More on the "non-death" of Gadhafi from a non-NATO mouthpiece here   I am more inclined to believe.

In order to be rid of Gadhafi and his family, how can normal human beings, if they have an iota of conscience, even think of making excuses for NATO for bombing the country and it's innocent population? If Obama and his gang can send drones to kill American citizens in other countries, why was it difficult to hire hitmen to get Gadhafi and his family.  That entire clan were fond of travelling outside Libya all round the year and were easy targets for the worst of snipers.  You know that you are left with no other conclusion than the one staring you in the face.  NATO, especially France and the UK wanted their hands on Libyan oil and other resources.  We look down on looters during riots, however, when entire nations are doing the same we seem to give them a pass.

The news that I find most disturbing is the disappearance of hundreds of orphans and children from Tripoli and other cities. Rumors have been flying around that these kids were sold to porn lords for the entertainment or sale to paedophiles. If that rumor turns out to have even a grain of truth ... then Canada is complicit in this tragedy because we are flying over the Libyan skies with NATO. 

Where are these children now???  On his tweeter page, the Telesur reporter said that “several sources have affirmed that the 105 children were taken out of the country in a ship that could be Turkish, French or Italian....

The Telsur reporter referred to above is the Cuban TV reporter and journalist Rolando Segura reporting on his blog, with lots of pics, about the suffering going on in Libya, courtesy of NATO.  Don't you wish that Canada was not involved in this mess ?   What was the govt of Canada thinking ???   When Obama says "jump" our overlords, from all the parties in Canada, seem to be asking "how high?"

More on Libya here.

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