Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interesting stuff to glance at

Sarah Palin getting ready?

Fight for supremacy ... Saudi Evil against Iran Evil Clashes in Saudi Arabia. Of course ... blamed on Iran.

The beginning of the end of Obama and gang This will bring down the marxist gang faster than a speeding bullet.... I hope.

A senior Pentagon official Wednesday approved the first death penalty war crimes prosecution of the Obama administration — the trial of a former Saudi millionaire accused of masterminding al Qaida’s suicide bombing of a U.S. Navy warship in a Yemen port a decade ago.

Where the muzzies are, there's death. A truck filled with explosives barreled into a government complex in the heart of Somalia's restive capital Tuesday, a brazen strike killing dozens of people, including students registering for an education program

If Mary Riddell loses her job at the TheTelegraph, I am sure she will find one at one of our numerous leftie nitwit papers over here.

No more harems.

How Awlaki was found and killed.

Obama pally with black panthers. Pictures tell a sordid tale.  Why is anybody surprised by this.

China and Russia don't want another NATO disaster. Good decision.  There should have been more vetoes.  NATO has no right to interfere in civil wars.

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