Saturday, October 8, 2011

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ...

keeps in regular touch with his constituents. All you have to do is sign up for updates and you will  get to see how our mayor is working on behalf of taxpayers.  I hope  the Premier of Ontario will follow the great example as set by the mayor of Toronto  .....    yeah,  that will be the day !!!!!

Here's what the latest email sent from the mayor's office has to say:

....Some other news to share - the bids for outsourcing solid waste pick up west of Yonge Street are in and it is good news for taxpayers! Five bids were received ranging from $17.5 million to $25.6 million, all lower than the $26 million threshold Council established and significantly lower than the $30 million we currently pay for this service with unionized employees. This will result in millions of dollars in savings.

Outsourcing solid waste pick up is just one example where our administration is looking to provide municipal services more efficiently for taxpayers.

City staff are now reviewing the bids to ensure full compliance and will report to the October 24th City Council meeting.....

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