Monday, October 10, 2011

The Canadian JDL bullied by McGuinty's police department

Why am I not surprised?  Bullies always pick on those they know will not fight back dirty.... you know ... "fight dirty" like what happened in Caledonia with the Native crowd or what usually happens when those who purport to "serve and protect" us citizens, come across muzzies on the wrong side of the law and run away with their tails between their legs?  Yeah ... those kind of "dirty" fights our OPP will never ever venture into. When the police authorities go after decent, law-abiding folks, it is nothing but "bullying" and only the OPP knows exactly how to do it best and with gusto.  McGuinty's Ontario, McGuinty's OPP.   But what the heck ... be happy, don't worry ... keep voting Lib. Do you really think the RCMP came by without McGuinty's OPP's approval ? Think again

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