Sunday, October 9, 2011

So .... you wanna know what's happening in Egypt ?

You know Egypt, don't ya ? You know that country out there  right bang in the hellhole of the muzzieland where a reporter got gang-raped by muzzie protestors because they thought she was Jewish and where the women simply adore to go through FGM to get their kicks ?   Yeah ... that Egypt.

It would have been appropriate to term the uprisings in those nooks and corners of the muzzieland as "Apeshit Sourdreams" instead of the misleading "Arab Spring" ... for obvious reasons. Did you really think the protests were over were done with?  Of course you did.  When your idiot box or the places on the internet you tend to visit don't breathe a word about Egypt, how are you expected to know about Egyptians and Egypt, eh?  However, I bet you know that Beyonce is pregnant and Brad Pitt said something earthshaking about Jennifer Aniston and Michael Jackson was taken away from you by his evil doctor ... good for you, you know the real important stuff happening on planet earth. Yippeeee !!!

Now, just in case you want to glance at what's happening in Egypt take a look at this tweet   and also read this.     Nice  eh?!!   Let's all send some pleading notes to our overlords in the Canadian govt. to funnel more funds to the Egyptian govt.  That's the right thing to do, right ????   They need the money to kill Christians more effectively.

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