Friday, October 28, 2011

Protests within protests? Dissidents within dissidents? OWS presents the "Comedy of Zombies"

Will reality never cease to slap these nuts endlessly without so much as teaching them even an iota of what real life entails and a bit of common sense? Every life lesson they encounter in this "tenting" episode in their lives, is like water on a duck's back. I am hoping these nuts will continue with their mindless occupation tactics for many more weeks and even months to come... firstly, there's the entertainment value which is priceless and additionally don't forget the reality check for everybody all around. In cities like New York, Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver to name a few, the residents are largely bent double to the Left ... so let them see what the outcome of their stupid mentality and their constant pandering to these zombies is doing to their cities and their routine.

According to the Post, OWS’s Finance Committee (!) has amassed $500,000 in donations, and the cash continues to pour in. Yet like the wealthy 1% whose greed they so revile, the OWS leadership refuses to spread the wealth. Bryan Smith, 45, a TV producer from Los Angeles who joined OWS three weeks ago, is quoted as saying:
F--k Finance. I hope Mayor Bloomberg gets an injunction and demands to see the movement’s books. We need to know how much money we really have and where it’s going.
Smith, the Post notes, is a member of the Comfort Working Group, one of 30 small collectives that have sprung up within the greater Occupy Wall Street movement. Responsibilities of Smith's group include determining what basic necessities campers need, like thermal underwear, and then raising money by soliciting donations on the street............

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