Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do we really and truly need this program ....

especially when we are still in a recession and likely to remain so for years, and more so when so many Canadians are unemployed and willing to take up employment at salaries that a few short years ago we scoffed at ?

We must call for our overlords to throw such programs on the junk heap, at least for now,  and perhaps salvage them years from now when Canadians themselves are feeling more confident in themselves and the economy. It's unthinkable that the govt. would throw good money on non-Canadians when we ourselves need it the most.

What a waste of money and a waste of jobs that Americans or Canadians would fill gladly and immediately during this dire period of  hopelessness !   ...Critics of J-1 visas are using the incident to argue that the exchange program, created during the height of the Cold War to spread American values abroad, is now being exploited by employers who want cheap labor. (Employers save on Social Security and other taxes when they employ temporary foreign workers.)....

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