Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rex Murphy and Charles Adler ...

on the tragedy of the Ontario election.... yes, it all boils down to  .... TIM HUDAK

What Rex Murphy says: The Ontario Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties just put on quite possibly the most boring election campaign in the history of the genre. To follow it with any extended attention was to risk floating into some limbo of unmixed tedium and insensibility. I’ve watched grey fogs crawl silently into the St. John’s Narrows and seen more colour and dynamism.

The message of Thursday night was not Dalton McGuinty’s reduced majority, or the Tory’s seat gain. It was the abysmal turnout. It was the lowest ever. This was not, as has been too easily suggested, an appalling lapse into apathy by the Ontario electorate, a refusal by many to execute their electoral responsibilities. It was the voters’ mirror response to the tepid, bland, calculatedly controversy avoiding campaigns of the Liberals and the Tories........

What Charles Adler says:

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