Thursday, October 6, 2011

Voting Day for Ontarians

 have been on my feet from 8.45 AM (being a volunteer for the Conservative candidate in my riding and trying to do the very best that I can, is tiring) and have just got home and getting ready to PARTTTEEEE. I had no intention to post anything today. However, seeing the blasted comments from lefties at my blog gloating about Sarah Palin's decision and how I should hide my face in shame, has brought my blood roaring in my ears.

I would like to state just one tiny little thing. America was ready for a black president but it is not ready for a woman president. They showed their true colors when the better candidate, Hillary Clinton, was not elected. And, both the democrats and republicans, both men and especially the women, showed that they don't care much for a woman president. It's a strange phenomenon better left to the experts to blah blah about. Sarah Palin realized that it was better to be a King Maker rather than take on the lesser role of a president.

Now, I am off to a party where I am confident the candidate for my riding will be declared the winner. If not, I am an expert at dealing with disappointments.

So..... STFU you blasted lefties. Your gloating just diminishes you further in my eyes .... if there was any "further" to go, that is.

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